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Welcome to the Clan Balfour Society~   The Balfour’s were one of the most prominent and prolific families in Fife and the surrounding areas. This society was formed to help record the history and legacies of Clan Balfour and their descendants from the beginning with Siward, Earl of Northumbria to his son who was granted the lands of Stath Ore, LochOre and the Isle of May. The many branches of the clan, the associated families and the few clans in alliance aka Manret with the cadet branch Balfour of Powis.

The Bethunes, the first associate family, along with the Kin of Siward who founded other clans:  Duncan, Dundas, Dunbar, McIver 

Notable Balfours and their kin 

Ancestral lands and Castles of the Balfours, Bethunes and kindred families.

There is also a blog for updates, new and breaking information. We also encourage everyone to follow the Instagram and Twitter accounts for photos and tidbits.

Everyone is welcome to join Clan Balfour society, somewhere in your tree is a Balfour or one of the associated families either directly or indirectly. One has to factor into the Identical Ancestor Point which I will go over in the History section.

All Balfours are descended from Siward Earl of Northumbria and his son Octred then it is divided down numerous paternal and maternal lines. My Balfour Branches are:  Inchrye/Powis  Balbirnie  Denmyle Munquhanny

To join the society please send your enquiry to Clanbalfoursociety@gmail.com

Enjoy the site!

Allen Michael Peter Nickolva Campbell Ewen Balfour von Geiner 

Baron of StrathOR

President Clan Balfour Society

Chief Elect Clan Balfour

Commander Balfour of Powis

Commander Ewen Campbell of Otter 

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