Castles of Balfour

There are many castles associated with the Balfours and The Bethunes/ Beatons

Here is a list of the castles and houses and sites of former castles

Balfour House in Markinch Fife

Mountqujanie Cast;es

Balfour Castle in Angus

Burleigh Castle

LochOre Castle


Denmylne Castle

Creich Castle

Bandon Tower

Whittinghame Tower

Whittinghame House

Balbirnie House


Balfour Castle Orkney

Balgarvie Castle

Moor Hall

Weymess Castle

Fernie Castle

Pilrig House

Pitcullo Castles

Notland Castle

Townely Hall

Balvaird Castle

Kingsdale House

Randerston Castle

Balmerino Abbey


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