Balfour Golf Course

A new golf course at Markinch was opened on the twelth of October 1905 by Mr Edward Balfour of Balbirnie.  It was situated in the Burn Park, or Playfield as it was known for hundreds of years, on Newton Farm to the north of Markinch Hill.

During the Second World War 1939-1945 the course was used to house anti aircraft guns and was badly damaged by these heavy vehicles. Although the Club was reformed under the captaincy of Charles Bowden, insufficient monies were available to repair this damage, and the Club folded up in 1947. The trophies were placed in the vaults of the local bank and remained there until 1976 when a public meeting was called, and the Club resuscitated.

Club outings took place three or four times a year to various golf clubs throughout Fife, until Glenrothes Development Corporation bought Balbirnie Estate and started the construction of an 18hole golf course.

Discussions with GDC resulted in the Markinch Golf Club agreeing to lease the course for 99 years. This was granted on the understanding that the Club build a clubhouse in keeping with the golfing amenities.

This was agreed and the course (the first 9 holes) was opened for play in April 1983. The second 9 holes were completed the following year and the club was renamed Balbirnie Park Golf Club.

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