Allen Geiner

ON Clanns

on the subject of clans….the clann system was largely built around the three-generation family unit. It was a system of mutual dependency, which grew through marriage, alliances, and the adoption and/or absorption of other peoples into the larger clan structure (which is why people of different names show up in clan territories). The origins of …

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Variations on Balfour Arms

Here are some Balfour variations that anyone can display for up to date ones follow on Instagram The Otter on the arms has changed numerous times over the centuries and continues to do so. If you want your own personalised Balfour Arms contact me the Chief I can grant them under the Write of 1417

LBGT Balfours

For PRIDE this year I thought I would mention the numerous GLBT Balfours throughout the Clans history from the very beginning up until today. Yes many of them were married to the opposite sex and some were confrimed bacholochers along with Old Maids; bear in mind that marriages we dynastic alliances which had very little …

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