Welcome to the Clan Balfour Society

This site was brought to light to share the history and heritage of Clan Balfour, its branches and the associated families that make up the clan. Along with the people we owe our heritage to from the Danes, the Celtic Picts and Strathclyde, to the Welsh, the Irish to the beginnings of the founding families of the clan in Brittany with the Veneti . We will explore the rivers, lochs, the lands and castles of Clan Balfour and their kin, and ancestors, along with their kindred and relationships . How the Otter became the symbol on the coat of arms too

I will be covering the tartans that clan Balfour wears including the ones I designed.

Along with why the clan is often referred to Balfour/Bethune~


Alwyn (Al) Balfour Geiner Baron Of StrathOR Baron of Otter Chief Clan Balfour Commander of Balfour of Powis , Commander of Clan Bethune, Captain of Ewen of Otter and other clans in Manrett

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