Welcome to Clan Balfour

All Are Welcome to Join the Society ONE Way or another

via one branch of your tree, no matter how far out there probably is a Balfour

The Balfour clan takes its name from the barony of the same name and is located near the joining of the rivers Ore and Leven in Fife Scotland.

At one time there were over 20 branches of clan with my branch Balfour of Powis stemming off of Balfour of Mackareston’s

Balfour of Powis took the steps to merge the clan Ewen of Otter & Campbell of Otter cadet branches into the larger clan as the commander holds time tile of Baron of Otter

The Bethunes… The Bethunes of Balfour were established after Robert de Bethune married into the family of Balfour of that Ilk in the late 15th century and became the branch Balfours of Bethune
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